Color Confidence's success has been built on a fundamental set of principles that put our customers firmly at the heart of all that we do.

Whether it's offering the very latest product innovations first, delivering expert know how and support or ensuring that we host the most effective events and educational opportunities, it is all underpinned by a definite culture of excellence, professionalism and approachability.

Our company values and mission is summed up below and it is a charter that we are very serious about, committed to and passionate in delivering – because you deserve that.

The digital imaging market requires a constantly changing portfolio of products and services. Color Confidence plays a central role in demystifying these technologies and taking them to the widest possible audience, from enthusiast to professional, individual to multi-national organisation.

Our Values


we give and expect 100% in all areas and at all times


everyone takes full responsibility for their actions


we deliver what we promise and only commit to what is achievable


we follow our systems and improve them as needs change


we follow our systems and improve them as needs change


in our approach to vendors, customers and each other
We value our independence and reputation and only sell the right product or service for an individual's needs to meet the customer's expectations.

We source, market and distribute the highest quality hardware, software, accessories and consumables for the digital imaging market.

We develop our own-brand products, bespoke solutions and services for the marketplace where we see an opportunity not currently being fulfilled. If there is not a box that fits the solution to a problem, we will consider developing one that does.

We value our prospects, customers, suppliers and partners and always work with them in an honest and professional manner, responding timely to all requests.

Our staff and their knowledge are the key asset and we work as a team in meeting the needs of our wide customer and supplier base, offering unrivalled customer service and support that cannot be found anywhere else in our industry.

Color Confidence is a multi-channel business and sells its products directly to end-users as well as via a reseller network, partners and affiliates.

Our web presence exists to be a one-stop reference to our products and services, evangelising these with rich content and focused marketing.We recognise that some end-users want to deal directly with us, especially when it comes to procuring products that are more specialist and not commonly stocked by our resellers.

We are committed to developing the widest possible base of resellers and will never undermine our resellers by offering products or services directly to end-users in competition. Where special offers and promotional campaigns take place, resellers who normally sell these products will be able to participate in these promotions.

We are an international business offering a consistent level of professionalism in all the territories and markets in which we operate.

We offer competitive pricing but put customer service and quality ahead of purely price
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