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Eizo News Flash!

Published: Thursday 7th October 2010

Categories: Color Confidence Range, General News, Industry News, Monitors

EIZO Monitors have won a prestigious award this month.

News reached Color Confidence towers this morning that Eizo monitors have been awarded the PC Pro "Reliability & Service Award 2010", which represents the UK's largest customer satisfaction survey when buying IT products and services. No mean feat!

The survey represents the magazine reader's experiences converted into star ratings, with 6/6 being exceptional and 1/6 being poor.

12,000 people took part in the survey, with Eizo receiving a 6/6 star rating for the categories of "image quality", "reliability" and "would buy again".

This is further testament to Eizo's unmatched reputation for design innovation, hardware quality, and above all, colour accuracy.

Why not check out our extensive range of Eizo monitors, particularly the CG221 - which itself gained the Color Confidence 5 star award! Prices suit a variety of users and budgets, your next monitor could be a few clicks away!


Friday round-up

Published: Friday 22nd October 2010

Categories: Color Confidence, General News, Movember, Photography

We have a new website!

After a long re-design and technical process, we have a swish new website design up and running, which hopefully makes your experience shopping with us a lot easier!

our new web design

We like it a lot. We wanted to create something much cleaner to look at and easier on the eye whilst making navigation a simpler process. Although it has to be said this is just phase one of the redevelopment stage, there a pages still to do and future pages still to create, but we're getting there! If you have any thoughts on the new design, what you like or what you don't like as much, please let us know - we really value what our customers think in order for us to improve things.

After all, you're the guys that have to use it.

Find of the week from me this week... Have you heard of QR codes? Try scanning this with your phone:


Friday round-up

Published: Friday 5th November 2010

Categories: Color Confidence, General News, Movember, Photography

We're into November - or rather Movember (more on that later) - the night's are drawing in, frost appeared on the car the other day and the trees are quickly changing colour. It's a wonderful time of year full of vibrant colours and sounds - anyone off to a bonfire tonight? - and the perfect opportunity for perfecting your photography skills.

It may well present a great chance to enter our competition by capturing that picturesque, Autumnal landscape scene. We really do need to liven up our wall so please send in your pictures! You will be rewarded accordingly!

If you're a photographer there's a pretty decent chance you use Photoshop, Lightroom or Apeture. If you do, or are new to the software, WDL's 13 cheat sheets are well worth a look - especially if you're a beginner. As I'm quickly learning, there's much more to photography than meets the eye - so anything that simplifies things can only be good!

An article published on the BJP website this week discussed street photography rights, and recent announcements from the Home Office about reviewing anti-terror policies and the potential effect on photographers. All sounds a bit complicated, but it...


Friday round-up

Published: Friday 19th November 2010

Categories: Color Confidence, General News, Movember, Photography

Firstly we have an apology to make. Our Movember effort came to a swift, itchy and sudden end. We tried, but ultimately didn't succeed in growing ridiculous mustaches . A few of us still are, but my promise of updating you with dodgy photographs doesn't look like bearing any fruit. Maybe next year!

We've blogged before about our Jargon Buster, and I'm pleased to say it's all live and ready to go. There are loads of useful explanations for technical terms you may not understand - as a new comer to this industry, I know I often get lost with all the technical stuff. There's also room for more, so if there are any other words of phrases that confuse you, email and we'll add them to the list.

There's a new camera being developed that can let people see around corners! The concept certainly seems sound enough, but by the looks of it there is still a long way to go in the development process. Nevertheless, it would open up a whole new world of potential should the technology ever get simple enough for everyday cameras.

Going back to more imagery stuff this week, and while the twitter photography hashtag is normally full of bot...


Time for some Focus

Published: Friday 25th February 2011

Categories: Color Confidence, General News, The technical stuff

First blog post of 2011 - is it too late to wish you all a happy new year?!

Today's post is a bit of a Focus on Imaging special.

If you're into your photography, you probably know all about Europe's largest annual imaging show already, but for those of you who don't, take a look at the Focus website: or watch this video to give you a flavour of the show.

From manufacturers to distributers, professionals to keen hobyists, a visit to Focus on Imaging really is a must if you take your imaging seriously. And - not forgetting - it's a chance for you to come and meet us! (Hall 9, C11)

We love the show as it's a great chance for us to meet you face-to-face. Every year our stand seems to get bigger and busier - and we expect this year to be no exception! The only downside is the slightly aching feet by the end of the show...

So what have we got in store for you this year I hear you ask?


This year we are running a 'Colour Clinic' which gives you the opportunity to come and ask us anything. And we mean anything! Our technical team (who have over 30 years expereince in the indust...


Friday round-up

Published: Friday 18th March 2011

Categories: Color Confidence, General News, Movember, Photography

It's been a busy last few weeks here at Color Confidence towers.

As we blogged in our last post, March for us is a crazy month with Focus on Imaging to prep, attend and ultimately debrief. In truth, most of February is also spent doing the same thing, and this year was no exception!

From my point of view, the last few weeks have been especially busy, particularly as this was my first ever show! I'd always had half-an interest in photography, or at least a grand idea that one day I'll follow the England cricket team around the world photographing them along the way. Having worked at Color Confidence for just over 6 months now, I've come to realise just how much there is to photography; from input calibration techniques to making sure you print out on the right paper. Might have to put that dream on hold for a little while!

Focus further opened my eyes to the photography world. I've learnt as much in 4 days talking to you guys as I have in the day-to-day workings here. I can now fully demonstrate how to use a Color Checker Passport and ColorMunki Photo (just about) - which isn't bad considering I'd never heard of them 6 months ago!

The s...


X-Rite get ready for Lion

Published: Friday 8th July 2011

Categories: General News, The technical stuff, X-Rite

With Apple's recent announcement of the new Mac OSX 10.7 Lion software...

... you might well be wondering how the update will affect your X-Rite device?

The new Mac OSX 10.7 Lion will no longer support software relying on Rosetta. This will directly affect those of you with the retired i1Match, ProfileMaker and MonacoPROFILER applications. There may be workarounds for some users, but obviously this isn't ideal for most!

As a result, X-Rite are providing customers with upgrade paths so you can continue to use your X-Rite device if you choose to upgrade to Lion.

The current models of i1Profiler, ColorMunki or huey software are not affected. Basically, they are fully compatible with existing Apple OS systems, as well as the up-coming Lion.

For owners of an i1Display 2 or i1Display LT, X-Rite are developing a 'i1Profiler MAC only monitor module', which will essentially only recognise the i1Display 2 and LT devices. Thi...


Photo editing? There's an app for that

Published: Friday 5th August 2011

Categories: General News, Monitor Calibration, Photography

Introducing Snapseed.

Photo editing is a significant part of your photography workflow - as I'm sure you're aware. There's a whole host of products and software available that making editing that little bit easier, and enable you to bing your photography to life.

Well, now there's another way which will be of particular interest to those of you with an iPad or iPhone.

Snapseed is an app developed by Nik Software (the guys that brought you HDR Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro 2 to name a few) that gives you complete editing control at your fingertips - literally!

Snapseed is a brilliant blend of Apple's intuitive touch technology, and Nik Software's industry leading editing software.

There's plenty of content, from effect filters like 'Vintage' and 'Grunge' styles, to centre focus, auto correct and organic frames. You can also post your images straight to facebook or flickr once you're done.

Essentially, it has aspects of what Nik do best in one powerful app.

As the amateurist of ameteur photographers - actually, thats doing a dis-service to all the amateur photographers out there, I'm more ...


The Crux of the matter

Published: Friday 21st October 2011

Categories: Color Confidence, Color Confidence Range, General News, Industry News, Software

It's been a while since we posted a latest news blog on here, so we thought we'd share a few goings on and new products with you this week.

In truth, it's been a pretty hectic few months at CC towers, and with the lead-up to Christmas coming up and plenty of up-coming shows to prep for, the next few are only going to get busier! Yes, that means the run up to Focus on Imaging 2012 has already started - anybody going yet!?

Let's start with the gear, gadgets and cool stuff...

We'd like to introduce to you... the Crux360 Gamma from Cruxcase:

Designed specifically for iPad 2, the Crux360 is a great way to protect your iPad 2, as well as making it practical for office environments and desktop usage. It is the world's first clamshell-keyboard case with the ability to use the iPad in multiple positions:

Laptop mode - using the Bluetooth keyboard - means you can easily enter large amounts of text into emails or spreadsheets. Movie mode is ...


The Christmas Countdown

Published: Tuesday 20th December 2011

Categories: Color Confidence, General News

Is it just us, or have the last few months flown by? What with all the new product launches and show preparations, we've barely had time to stop since the summer.

In any case, we've got a few news updates to share with you before we all get stuck into some Turkey this coming weekend...

You may well have seen on the website the all-new Color Confidence Studio Photo and Studio View, replacing the Color Confidence Studio XR2 Colour Management kit. The Studio Photo offers an all-in-one solution to colour verify your workflow, and the Studio View offers complete on-screen viewing accuracy. So if you're after monitor calibration and an accurate colour managed workflow, these are the solutions for you.

A few weeks ago we introduced Cruxcase to you, which is the world's first clamshell-keyboard case specially designed for iPad2 (You can read our blog entry here). Well, we're pleased to announce that as a special festive treat, the Crux360 Gamma is now only £99 - meaning you can get the best out of your iPad for less. It's the ideal accompaniment to go with that iPad2 currently sitting under the tree.

Speaking of things sitting under the tree -...


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