X-Rite Launch the i1Studio!

Published: Thursday 9th November 2017

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X-Rite, the specialists in colour management and calibrartion, have recently launched the brand new i1Studio, a start-to-finish colour management solution for creative professionals looking for expert results.

The new i1Studio replaces the ColorMunki Photo and offers professionals the chance to effectively colour manage their workflow from start to finish. The i1Studio was created for photographers with a passion for shooting, scanning, editing and print, but who don't want to waste time and money on the process.

The award-winning and patented technology built into the i1Studio delivers precise, intuitive colour manageent across the entire workflow, resulting in prints that match images across all devices. New features to the device include printer profiling for black and white, scanner profiling, mobile device profiling, nonitor profiling for video, plus a streamlined user experience to accompany the advanced new software.

Key features:

  • New look device with new packaging
  • New scanner calibration and profiling: Easy to process to create a customer scanner profile and streamline workflow for scanning negatives, transparencies and prints
  • New Mobile iOS Device Profiling: i1Studio is now supported with the X-Rite ColorTRUE app to calibrate iOS mobile devices for accurate colour viewing on Apple phones and tablets
  • New black and white print profile generation

Existing ColorMunki Photo owners will be able to download the free i1Studio software and take advantage of these new features.

What's in the box?

The i1Studio combines world-class hardware and software to deliver expert colour results for photo and filmmaking professionals. Included with the device:

  • i1Studio Spectrophotometer- the ideal device to profile monitors, projectors, scanners, mobile devices and printers.
  • i1Studio Software for monitors, projectors, scanners and printers- based on X-Rite's award winning i1Profiler software, this provides an easy to navigate interface that delivers expertly calibrated and profiled monitors, projectors, scanners and printers
  • Mini ColorChecker Classic Target for cameras and scanners- this allows professionals to set a custom white balance and have a neutral starting point, no matter the lighting conditions
  • i1Studio protective pouch
  • Software download instructions for i1Studio

The i1Studio retails at £375/429€ ex VAT

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